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Effective Systems

Systems Training & Implementation

Take Control of Your Overhead in 7 Easy Steps

Who's in control - you or your overhead? Finally put a system in place that shows you how to use hard numbers to put a plan in place for greater success and profitability. Proven, tested advice on establishing achievable production goals and controlling practice overhead, including:

  •  forecasting and goal-setting
  •  determining work days and doctor production goals
  •  establishing hygiene production goals

Take the guesswork out of your numbers, and finally achieve the financial stability and predictability you desire.

How to Assemble A Winning Team

A complete system for finding and keeping extraordinary employees, including:

  • instructions on how to take the "hit and miss" out of recruiting, screening,  interviewing, hiring, and retaining staff
  • a library of essential tools, including basic job descriptions, telephone screening forms, applicant evaluation forms and sample interview questions.

Close the revolving door. Hire the right person, every time.

Making Meetings Work: How to Get Great Results from Working On Your Business, Not Just In It

  • start the day off right with strategy-oriented huddles
  • address different needs with different meetings – huddles, numbers, training, teamwork
  • enjoy total staff participation

Meetings not productive? Find out how to make them enjoyable and results-oriented.

The Comprehensive New Patient Experience: From "Thank You For Calling" To "When Can We Start?"

  • Structure the flow of each new patient interaction for a successful outcome
  • Overcome patient objections and gain commitment to the value of treatment
  • Present treatment plans in a way that has more patients saying "yes!"

Learn how to make the new patient experience enjoyable and productive for everyone, doctor and staff included. 

Foolproof Appointment Scheduling: The 10 Things Every Staff Member Will Need to Schedule Successfully

  • Use a scheduling template to structure ‘ideal’ days
  • Fill openings easily and quickly
  • Fit it all in – how to schedule exams, emergencies and other unexpected events

Does your schedule ever feel out of control? Find out how to take charge, and give your staff the tools they need to schedule the ‘ideal’ day.

The 1-2-3 of Remarkable Recare: How to Keep Patients Active, Motivated and Invested in Their Oral Health

  • Structure your recare department to easily support production goals
  • Use an 8-step checklist to help keep patients active and invested in their oral health
  • Get recare system ‘tools’, including a master periodontal record and recare postcard

Structure a win-win-win recare system: healthier and better educated patients, a motivated and appreciated hygiene staff, and a profit center for your practice.

‘Perfect’ Payment Arrangements: Profit-Driven and Patient-Pleasing Guidelines to Ensure a Successful Outcome Every Time

  • Develop credit guidelines that reflect your practice philosophy
  • Expand your negotiation skills for comfortable discussions with your patients
  • Strengthen patient relationships and make sure you are paid for your services.