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DIY Digital Dental Consulting

DIY Dental Marketing Jan Keller
Dear Clients,

I am excited and proud to announce my affiliation with DIY Digital Dental Consulting, an organization comprised of top-tier dental consultants whose mission is: "To level the playing field by bridging the gap between DIY Consulting and on-site training."
To see if this exciting new program is right for you and your practice, ask yourself these 4 simple questions:
  1. Do you want to improve and reach your next level of success but don't have a comprehensive plan for growth and self improvement?
  2. Are you continually collecting bits and pieces of information to improve your practice but fall short on presenting the 'big picture' and the 'how-to' process?
  3. Do you need help with leadership and business skills?
  4. Would you like to learn how to deal with all these issues - on your own time - for less than $2,000?

If your answer is yes, please click here for more information, and also to view informational videos - including one from the legendary Linda Miles - to find out more. You can also contact me directly to set up a time to talk, or Zoom.

Think of DIY Digital Dental Consulting™ as the "Google of Practice Management!"

The DIY digital consulting program is a step-by-step set of methodical systems and protocols designed to help you reach your next level of success in the following areas of practice management:

  • Discovery
  • Leadership
  • New Patients
  • Case Acceptance
  • Systems & Protocols:
    • Business Admin/Front Desk
    • Dental Assistants
    • Hygiene
    • Hygiene Continuing Care
  • Internal/External Marketing
  • Fill-able checklists, tracking and accountability forms

To see a sample of what DIY Digital Dental Consulting has to offer, please sign up for a copy of our Managing Complaints Successfully handout. Packed with invaluable tips and tools!