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Blind Spots in Dentistry™

Blind Spots™ in Dentistry

Does your dental practice suffer from some of the common "blind spots" I see in my role as a Dental Practice Management Consultant? If so, you're not alone. In this series of articles and blogs, we'll take a look at where these blind spots are hiding in your practice, and the steps you can take to shine light on them, and help your practice become more efficient and profitable in the process. Click on the title above, or any of the links below, to read my series of articles published in (Free registration requested.)

Credit Guidelines

When was the last time you and your team had a meeting to review and collaborate on your expectations regarding collections? These guidelines could be your "secret weapon" to reduce stress and increase collections.
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Do overs

To say that new dentists face a myriad of challenges in setting up their first practice is an understatement. There's hiring, financing, marketing, and finding the patients to fill all those comfy new chairs!
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Team Meetings

Do you and your team set aside time on a regular basis for meetings with a set agenda? Setting aside time each week for staff meetings and training is vital to the overall productivity and profitability of your practice.
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