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Dental Practice Management Consulting & the Home of Blind Spots in Dentistry™, Forensic Hiring™ and Coffee Break Consulting™

Jan Keller is a well-known dental practice management consultant with over 30 years of experience helping dentists and their team increase efficiency and profitability, while decreasing stress and workplace tension.

She is also a highly-regarded speaker and author, with a series of popular articles and speaking topics that focus on her theme of Blind Spots in Dentistry.

Coffee Break Consulting™

Do you have a practice issue you need to resolve quickly, and without a long-term consulting commitment? If so, consider my short-term, issue-specific management consulting service, Coffee Break Consulting. As a practice management consultant, I know many of the issues that arise in your practice can be resolved quickly and easily - if you address them early enough. And you can choose from CBC Light, Medium or Strong! A choice in coffee that best suits your practice needs.

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Forensic Hiring™

Do you sometimes feel that your employees are coming and going through a constantly revolving door? If so, you're not alone. Hiring the right person the right time isn't easy, but it can be done by following a simple 4-step Forensic Hiring™plan to put applicants under a microscope and ensure they are the right one for you! Stop wasting time, money and resources, and let go of your "just get a warm body in here" mentality once and for all. You, and your team, will be glad you did.

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Annual Planning & Goal Setting

Looking ahead to the coming 12 months and dedicating time to putting a plan in place that will help you navigate that year is usually not at the top of anyone's 'to do' list. However, now is the perfect time to put an annual plan in place and make this the year you take control of your overhead, once and for all.

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Practice Analysis: Where are your Blind Spots™?

A practice analysis is a comprehensive, two-day process in which I work with you and your team to really delve into the detail and nature of your business to find out where improvements – if needed – may be made. The process begins with the completion of a comprehensive questionnaire, which covers all of the important systems and procedures in your practice.

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Effective Office Systems

This comprehensive consulting service covers every system in your practice, including overhead, employee retention, effective meetings, the new patient experience, effective scheduling, payment arrangements and recare.

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Employer Law Compliance

Are you compliant with current employee laws? Every year employers pay tens of thousands of dollars to resolve employee law compliance grievances. Don't let that happen to you.

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Speaking Topics

The following is a list of Jan's popular courses. Please contact her if you are a Meeting Planner who is working on your next meeting, study club or conference.

    • -- Surviving the Hiring Process: Be the Gem Every Practice Wants to Hire
      -- Forensic Hiring: End the Mystery of the Revolving Employee Door
      -- How to "C" Your Way Clear to Greater Patient Satisfaction & Retention
      -- Secret Weapons to Get Paid on Time - in Full, Every Time
      -- How to Discover the Buried Treasure Hidden in Your Patient Charts
      -- How to Keep Your Schedule Full & Avoid Costly No-Shows
      ​-- Making Dollars and Sense of Payment Arrangements

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