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Forensic Hiring™

Forensic Hiring™: Close the revolving door once & for all!

Doctor, are you tired of a "revolving door" of employees coming and going? Making good hiring decisions is one of the most important jobs a dentist and dental managers have, yet they often 'fail', resulting in an endless turnover of employees that cost the practice time, money and stress. It doesn't have to be that way. Learn valuable skills that help put applicants under a forensic microscope and hire the right person the first time!

Without question one of the main challenges any dental practice faces is finding and keeping the 'right' staff members.

Many offices have a virtual 'revolving door' when it comes to staff, and the resulting cost -- in time, money and stress -- can be significant. Jan has worked with hundreds of practices during her dental consulting career teaching the art of "forensic" hiring – of putting applicants through a detailed, step-by-step process that, once learned, helps turn off the revolving door once and for all.