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Employer Law Compliance

Employment Law Compliance for Dentists: What you don't know can hurt you!

Are you compliant with current employee laws? Every year employers pay tens of thousands of dollars to resolve employee law compliance grievances. Make sure you are NOT one of them!

Since human resource management and compliance with the variety of state and federal labor regulations are not taught in the typical dental school curriculum, doctors often find themselves in court regarding employment issues.
Such lawsuits can be emotionally draining and financially devastating. Dealing wisely and effectively with complex employment issues can be particularly challenging and personnel issues are a major source of stress for most practitioners.

This can come in various forms such as: employee pay, benefits (vacation, sick, medical, retirement, etc.), leave of absence, pregnancy, hiring, and termination, just to name a few.

Don't take the chance that you will fall foul of current employment law compliance. Contact Jan today.


4-Minute Employment Law Compliance Quiz

Take the following quiz to find out if you are in danger of falling foul of important and potentially costly employment laws.