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Coffee Break Consulting™

Do you have a practice issue you need to resolve quickly, and without a long-term consulting commitment?

If so, welcome to my short-term, issue-specific management consulting service -- Coffee Break Consulting™. As a practice management consultant, I know many of the issues that arise in your practice can be resolved quickly and easily - if you address them early enough.

Thanks Jan,  today's talk has been very helpful and has energized me to improve the situation in our practice.

Carson Ferris-Zeolla

DMD, North Annandale, NJ.

That's exactly what my phone-based Coffee Break Consultingis all about. Your issue may take only 60 minutes to talk through and resolve. It may take a little longer, but you can schedule consulting time with me to suit your schedule without committing to a long-term contract.

The fee begins at $250 for one hour, and you can choose how much additional time you want or need based on your budget and your specific issues. (I offer comprehensive consulting, too, if your practice needs are more wide-ranging.)

  • Recare

  • Scheduling

  • Hiring

  • Firing

  • Collections

  • Production

  • New patient exams

  • Billing

  • Insurance issues...

  • Whatever you need, I can help.


Left unresolved, small issues grow, and can end up costing you and your practice thousands or tens of thousands of dollars to resolve. Don't let that happen to you.

Please call me today to discuss your short-term consulting needs, and let's get together - over the phone - for a short break and a cup of coffee. I look forward to hearing from you.