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Annual Planning

Where does annual planning fall on your list of priorities - or does it?

Looking ahead to the coming 12 months and dedicating time to putting a plan in place that will help you navigate that year is usually not at the top of anyone's 'to do' list. However, now is the perfect time to put an annual plan in place and make this the year you take control of your overhead, once and for all.

Where does annual planning and goal-setting fall on your list of priorities? Do you make time each year to:

  • set production and collection goals for the coming year?
  • plan how many days you will work?
  • decide whether or not to invest in new equipment?
  • hire more staff?
  • make sure you have enough money at tax time?
  • finally start contributing to your pension plan?

Or do you just keep doing what you've always done and hope for the best?


The truth is, without an annual plan in place, and achievable goals to work toward, practices very often flounder under the weight of unexpected expenses and unrealistic expectations. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way!

There is a process that takes as little as one day, and involves just seven easy-to-understand steps that could put your practice on the path to success, profitability and stability for good. Don’t let your practice flounder when it could flourish. See how easy it can be to plan your way to success and profitability.

Contact me today schedule an Annual Planning and Goal Setting session. There's no need to wait until next year! Let's get started now.